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Indeed, Allah (swt) created Adam from clay, then created Eve from him, and then placed her in the space between his legs. This was because the woman follows [temporally, in creation] from the man.

Then Adam said: "O Lord, what is this beautiful creation, which you have made sweet for me to be close to, and made sweet for me to gaze upon?"

And Allah said: "O Adam, this is your maid Eve. Do you love that you would be with her in intimacy?" To which Adam said: "Yes, O Lord, and because you have given me this I must praise you and thank you for as long as I remain."

Allah the Glorified and Exalted then said: "Then call her to me, for she is your woman, and this wife will make pure your lusts." And Allah had given him lust, and had taught him the wisdom of everything [including lust] before this,

and so Adam said: "O Lord, indeed I have called her to you, so what would please you from this?"

Allah the Glorified and Exalted then said: "It pleases me that you will teach her the knowledge’s of my religion." Adam said: "This is your right upon me, O Lord, if you desire this from me."

Allah the Glorified and Exalted then said: "I do desire this from you, and so I have married her to you, and now you are responsible to me for her.” Imam as-Sadiq (as): Al-Wasa'il, vol. 20, p. 13.

This union of male and female, we see, were profoundly physical on the one hand, but had as its ultimate aim the satisfaction of the spirit and the drawing of people nearer to Allah (swt).

This kind of holy union of male and female is called as Marriage. Marriage is a natural necessity for every human being. Viewing the essence of marriage and our social responsibility came into existence with the mission to provide a professional platform to facilitate people to meet each other for Halal Islamic relationship of Nikah marriage or Mutah marriage.

Accordingly to the Jafari Thought of School Mutah is valid and has a great importance even in present time. Mutah marriage is not done solely for physical relationship. We strongly recommend you to know the essence/laws concerning Mutah, before entering any contract of Mutah.

Being facilitating a platform for the people to find their spouses for Mutah Marriage, we do realize our social/religious responsibilities and we would request the people to be honest while using our services and refrain from adding fake profiles or misusing any services of

Apart from the powerful matching options services includes Full featured chat/Internal mail messaging/Forums/Blog.

We encourage you to use Forum/Blog extensively to enlighten the people about the essence of marraiges and to remove the misconceptions of our faith on Mutah Marriages.

Though it is our responsibility to help people to find halal partners, we are charging Fees for this service to meet the expenses incurring on the professional development of

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